Speaking the Truth

We don’t like to speak the truth about evil because we’re going to hurt somebody. Let me tell you, you are going to hurt somebody, but that Somebody is God. If you would rather hurt God than your neighbor, there is something wrong with your spirituality. It’s your obligation to speak the truth and everyone can either take it or leave it. But truth must be in us. We live in such poverty of the truth today.
- Mother Angelica

Friday, July 3, 2009

I See

St. Thomas

Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed. John 20:29

Long before I met my husband, I worked in a small-town corner store. And a guy I knew used to visit me often and ask me on dates. I wasn't really that interested in him so I would always say no. One day, he was visiting and mentioned that his wife was going to stay home and take care of his house and his kids. Now it could have been the way he said it, his house, his kids, but that really rubbed me the wrong way back then. I stood there, looked at him and said, "There is no way that I will be stuck home taking care of the house and the kids. I will work!" I thought it was so demeaning for this guy to sit there in all of his arrogance and expect a woman to take care of him and his kids! How dare he?!

So how do I feel now? Well, staying home and taking care of my kids and my house and anything my husband needs, is something I enjoy. Granted, there are days when I wish I had something else to do, but I like being here to meet the needs of my family. How did I get to this frame of mind? My faith. Because I have a secure faith in God, I was able to understand how important a mom's role is in the home. In God's eyes, it's not demeaning at all. It's one of the most important jobs I could have.

I didn't come to this understanding on my own. I didn't come to understand this and then say, "Oh yeah, thanks God for that." No, I developed a faith in God like I have never had before and from that faith came an understanding and a belief that nothing will be able to take away from me. It's amazing.

You hear people say all the time, "Seeing is believing." But that's not true. I believe and then I see. From my faith comes understanding. That's what St. Thomas Aquinas says. And it makes perfect sense. Once we have a belief in God, we see Jesus all around us. He's in the homeless person on the side of the road. He's in the tears of a mom and a dad who just lost their unborn child. He is in the laughter of my children as they play in the next room. And He is in my husband when he works hard to provide for our family.

I'm so grateful I have my faith so I may understand the world around me, through the eyes of God.

Lord, I believe in You and everything You have created. Thank you for always being around me.

Daily Readings:
Ephesians 2:19-22 Psalm 117:1-2 John 20:24-29

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