Speaking the Truth

We don’t like to speak the truth about evil because we’re going to hurt somebody. Let me tell you, you are going to hurt somebody, but that Somebody is God. If you would rather hurt God than your neighbor, there is something wrong with your spirituality. It’s your obligation to speak the truth and everyone can either take it or leave it. But truth must be in us. We live in such poverty of the truth today.
- Mother Angelica

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weightless: Kate Wicker

I have been reading a blog by a wonderful Catholic mom, Kate Wicker.  She blogs on several sites, including Faith and Family.  I think that is where I found her as a matter of fact.  She has such a wonderful way with words and she speaks from her heart.  I could really relate to her articles.

So she has taken her writing to a new level.  She is officially an author! Her very first book is called Weightless: Making Peace With Your Body.  I don't have it in my possession yet.  I'm trying to decide on the Kindle version, or the kind I can hold in my hand.  I really like to have the book to have and to hold, but Kindle is so convenient.  Oh the decisions!


Kate Wicker said...

Karen, thank you so much for your support! The Kindle version did have some glitches, but I believe they are fixed now. I pray the Holy Spirit might have gifted me with the right words and that Weightless might minister to you and other women, moms, etc. in some small way.

Thanks again for your kind words and support.

God bless!

Karen said...

Oh you're so welcome! I feel honored to have you posting on MY blog! Haha! ;) May you have abundant blessings with your new baby!!